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Post-trauma Stress Disorder

Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Oct 24 2010

Post traumatic stress is a natural response to an unatural event. When our lives or the lives of someone close to us are seriously threatened we have a psychological response. This response varies from person to person. Some people repress these traumatic experiences more effectively than others. However even if the trauma is repressed it remains unresolved and can affect our behavior significantly. Some persons respond with avoidant behaviors, going to desperate lengths to avoid similar experiences. As such survivors of car crashes may avoid all car travel, getting visibly panicked if they fnd themselves forced to get into a car. Other people become highly vigilant, always checking and scanning their enviornment to make sure that the perceived threat is not sneaking up on them. It is essential to respect these behaviors and to encourage survivors of trauma to speak about their experience openly and in an environment that is fully supportive. With the right support survivors may come to normalise their experience and return to normal functioning. It is essential to seek medical and mental health support to ensure that recovery is reached and to diagnose Post traumatic Strss Disoder if symptoms do not subside within six months. Both psychotherapy and psychotropic medication are helpful in treating this condition so do not delay and turn to your physician or mental health counselor for help!
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