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Physical Illness

Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Oct 20 2010

Chronic illness and pain shapes our experience of the world around us. Communication is key to sharing with significant others where we find ourselves emotionally and physically. Honest and effective communication empowers our relationships. The alternative is that we set partners up to fail by having unrealistic expectations of them to guage our experience of pain or sadness associated with our illness. This sabotage is fuelled by an infantile need to establish whether our significant others will love us at our worst. At the very least such maladaptive behavior induces guilt and confusion in our loved ones with the result that they will likely avoid contact which in turn has the chroniocally ill patient feeling rejected and unworthy. Try communicating your fears and challenges honestly using 'I staements'. This will elicit genuine emapthy and ensure nurturing interactions. Please share your experiences with others, this way you will feel supported in your experience.
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