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Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Sep 20 2010

Welcome from the team of psychotherapists! The purpose of this weekly summary is to summarize the content that has been shared by members and offer insight into the issues that members are struggling to resolve. Traditionally support groups and group therapy offer opportunities for collective healing. Members bring their unresolved conflicts, pain and struggles to a group that in fact represents a microcosm of society. Hence opportunities arise to work through personal struggles such as social anxiety, reluctance to trust or relationship issues. Members work through feelings of inadequacy, rejection, betrayal, grief, trauma, fear, hopelessness by facing it in the context of the group where a therapist encourages constructive communication, respect for healthy boundaries and authenticity. Online groups aim to offer a similar forum where members are requested to adhere to etiquette to preserve the functionality of the group. Daily therapist input stimulates honest expression and a desire to work toward a healthier way of being. Try it, feel what it is like to be part of a mental health community.
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