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Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Oct 19 2010

The family unit faces numerous threats in modern society. The extended family support is waning as young adults break away and gravitate towards opportunities in other parts of the country and even throughout the world. Both partners in the marriage are often contributing financially and furthering their careers. The stress of dealing with modern fast paced technology is associated with high addiction rates as family members turn to self medicate. Isolation is more appealing than human connectivity and intimacy. Effective communication is sadly not a skill taught at most schools and colleges. Hence family members accuse and blame rather than share their true feelings and needs. Communication turns hostile and defensive and breakdown of the realtionship is imminent. As society turns increasingly more secular, the family does not have access to pastoral counseling as much. Whilst family therapy is a great resource, some families struggle to access counseling due to a number of factors. Online support allows family members to share their experiences and access helpful tools to work towards more effective communication and conflict resolution. Help is not far away!!!
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