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Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Sep 23 2010

Depression is the silent mental health presentation. Clinical depression has a tendancy to creep up on people, depleting them of energy, motivation and depositing in their place a genral fatigue, heaviness and hopelessness. Depression is both a psychologiacal and physiological experience, oftentimes the diagnosis follows exhaustive physical tests that show up negative. Speaking out about symptoms is the first step toward diagnosis and treatment. For the most part treatment is readily available from your family physiscian or local mental health clinic. Depending on the particular presentation of symptoms, anti depressant medication as well as cognitive behavioral psychotherapy may be prescribed. Group therapy and support groups play a meaningful role in treatment. Within the group setting members are able to process their life challenges, grief, fears and interpersoanl conflicts that have contributed to their depression. Self defeating thoughts and behavior patterns are exposed in a supportive environment and more adapive coping mechanisms are explored. Online groups are increasingly offering this vehicle of support. The convenience and affordability are factors that make this aspect of treatment accessible to many people who may otherwise isolate themselves therby aggravating their experience of depression. If you are in need of group support and you have already been assessed and received treatment this group may be a good fit. Please remember if you are experiencing depression, this group does not replace treatment. If you are in crisis go to your nearest emergency room or call 911. Take good care!!!
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