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Bipolar Disorder

Support Group Summary from our Therapist (What is a support group?)

Updated on Oct 25 2010

Mood cycling is a major part of the Bipolar experience. For some patients a week of manic mood may be followed by a period of depression. For other patients the cycling is more rapid. Family members and friends are often perplexed by these changes in mood and often react defensively since they simply do not understand this inconsistency. Untreated, clients diagnosed with Bipolar type 1 have little control over their mood changes and struggle to control their behaviors associated with their moods. As a result relationships become strained. It is essential that over and above psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment the client and their family have access to a support group where they can benefit from education, mutual support and catharctic expression of their concerns. Effective and timely communication is a tool that can strengthen the relationships and avoid confusion. Stabilization is the first step hence accurate professional diagnosis and treatment are the very first priority. Once this is achieved educate yourself about the resources available in your community so that you can feel supported!
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