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Updated on Oct 24 2010

Panic attacks result from anxiety and fear and are a more common occurrence than most people might think. Research posits that 1 in every 113 Americans suffer from panic attacks. In addition, it is believed that 1 in every 58 American suffer a panic Attack each year. Statistically people aged between 25 years and 44years are most at risk of developing Panic attacks. Most western countries are likely to elicit similar statistics. Not much research has been done on panic attacks and anxiety in third world countries. Given such statistics it is shocking to note that not much help has been made obvious and available to the general public. A noteworthy consequence of lack of knowledge and understanding regarding ones mental state is that individuals suffering from anxiety and panic continue to feel isolated and alone, unaware that they are not alone and that help is just a call away.

There are many kinds of anxiety related diagnosis as anxiety tends to manifest in diverse ways, for instance paranoia, phobias, PTSD, or developing a general underlying anxiety, depending on whether there was a trauma experienced, or witnessed, whether the individual perpetrated the offence or was a victim, and whether elements of the original trauma are still present in ones day-to-day lives.

The issue of sexual abuse in the case of a minor is an important issue and how to gauge and guard against it happening to those near and dear to you is an issue of much concern. It is uncommon for children to have knowledge of specific sexual acts or explicit sexual language, engage in serious sexual contact with other children, behaving sexually in public, on the internet etc, masturbating in a public place and seeking sexual contact with children much younger than he or she. If any of the above is noted in a child, depending on age, please seek professional assistance.

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